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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 29, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> good evening everyone. dan is off tonight. 6 days before another possible bart strike and labor leaders are pessimistic about reaching a daily for the deadline. bart union released this video showing a group of protestors interrupting a conference in
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san francisco attended by bart general manager. more now from lee ann. >>reporter: hears bart take on the progress made so far. >>ñr we are making progress thee that's good. >>reporter: now here's what the lead negotiator for one of the union had to say about tha that. >> we have made very minor progress on the supplemental i would say e-the supplemental meaning some of the smaller issues being negotiated. with that degree of separation, some are wondering if both sides will come to an agreement before sunday deadline. bart main negotiator tom hawk not there today for the tuck because of prior commitment. union insist his absence has delayed things. >> director need to order chief negotiator to the table. >>reporter: hawk back to the table before dead lane. >> until discussions in the right direction they will manufacture quickly. >>reporter: bart warning the passengers if the union get the pay increase they are demanding expect to see a large fare he
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can. john is with one of the union. >> misinformation to turn the public against the union and attempt to union bust. >> side show. we need to be talking about the bigger issues. >>reporter: passengers are beginning to get worried. andrew rodriguez just moved to oakland started taking bart. >> live and work in san francisco but living here for the moment so obviously directlyñi affect my transportation. >>reporter: elizabeth says she survived the first striking by working at home. >> i actually work from home for the first two days of that week before the holiday. >>reporter: can do you this now. >> i probably won't have that option being that the job i work for starts to ramp up in august so i can't have, i can't really work from home. >>reporter: major trans it company in the bay area will meet tomorrow to discuss how they will fill in the void if there is a strike. in oakland, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> possible act of vandalism in
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the east bay resulted in more than 1 million dollars in damp. here it is. 60 7 hd shows thus collapsed communication&q)s that someone cut 6 licenses to the tower at the park near danville causing the tower to fall. it supports radio communication stems throughout the east bay. officials though say the collapse will not affect that system. anyone with information is asked the condition tbingt east bay regional park police. >> thieves have hit a a cemetery in santa cruz taking flowers pictures statue even american flag. the items are of course of little monetary value but family members definite stated. ibingts from the oakland park memorial cemetery they came to us by the santa cruz sentinel. it's located here and entire section targeted. >> bay year health advisory issued today because of smoke that is in the air. local air quality official predict particulate from build fire burning in southern oregon would reach unhealthy levels in the bay area this afternoon.
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here's look at the fires. the smoke is coming or rather being drawn in by offshore win. expected to be smokey tomorrow as well but in the unhealthy. >> bad air to the threat of nrsh flooding this is a picture from nasa showing what was tropical storm bearing down on hawaii. storm warnings over. this is live web cam shot from near the airport on maui. weather anchor spencer is here now with before the latest conditions. >> latest thing is that it is no listening era tropical stovrment weaken down grided to tropical depression. still a major rain maker you look at leif doppler 7 hd the center of the storm and big mass of moisture passing over maui right now. that's where the heaviest rain is and continue to be for awhile the storp continues moving open west north west path so localize and flooding flash flooding are certainly possible. now we give you a look at conditions in various location across the ñ win gust 33
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miles per hour rate now so this is into the mainly wind storm but mainly rain maker expect it to remain on this current track take it north of honolulu then harmlessly tout sale. good news it weaken and days parting but still potential for flooding on maui. >> all right spencer thank you? before the down grid the storm was strong enough to the delay and cancel flit at all 3 bay area arp. 12 unioned airline plate cancel at sfo. oakland enter until 4 flights were cancelled. 2 others were delayed. at san jose 4 flights cancelled. >> foreign airline landing at sfoñi new rule to l inform. federal aviation administration vision foreign airline to use a gps system instead of visual approaches when landing at the airport. faa says it noticed a recent increase in aborted landings by foreign carrier. asian flight 214 cleared for visual approach before it crashed july 6. 3 people died. still former pilot says this new rule is not a good idea.
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>> i didn't lick what the faa is doing. in essence they are stabbing a double standard. saying some pilots are not as good as oevrs others. well, that's not a good thing for those with buy tickets on the airlines. >> faa currentlyw3 looking into an incident last tuesday when plane operated by taiwan airline eva air had to perform go around after approaching the airport at lower than normal altitude. >> well in the midst of the turmoil followed the crash at sfo peninsula prosecutor say united airline employee and his wife stole some luggage from passengers who is flight rescheduled. shawn and thomas charged with grand theft and burglary. pros can youtors say surveillance video shows him taking the bags. they say thomas then returned thousands of dollars worth of stolen items to the a pleasanton nordstrom store for reif yo5?h said. >> controversy is brewing in downtown san jose. one week before new night club opens featuring bikini clad perfor performer. some tough new
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regulation have already been proposed. david has that story. >> gold club put up scenes outside the hay profile downtown location. l will the city and the neighbors welcome them the club will feature performers in bikini. >> we have heard a lot of concerns from business community from residents. we know this nearby business may impacted because a lot of folk simply don't want to walk in a block with a club like this. >> council member introducing nepñregular litigation to prohibit touching or tipping that might involve touching. he's also calling for a mandatory distance which perform and patron and minimum lighting requirement. executive director of the san jose downtown association isn't opposing the new club. >> we didn't think one business is going to change the perception of downtown. it's a bikini bar. we have got a lot of different entertainment uses here. >>reporter: san jose prohibit nudity at adult club not so
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santa clara coy. pink poodle operated south bask avenue outside city limits for an estimated half century. we tryq unsuck any to reach the owner of the pink poodle as well as the operator of the new gold club for reaction. the gold club already held the job fare last week expected to create 100 jobs. rest didn't of san jose are divide over have gone by kin i club doychbility if you can it's great. >> if it works it work if it doesn't it doesn't. >> another resident doesn't want her children exposed to i it. >> why in. wouldn't lick it for my kids. >> maybe exposed to something. >> these not good for the eye. >>reporter: at the time proposed regular litigation for adult club in san jose have to go to committeeçó of the city council first so when the gold club opens next week, week from thursday, it won't be bond by the new regulation at least not to start. in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. >> there's much more ahead this monday night. coming up.
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final decision. labor day opening for the bay bridge. on or off the table. >> there is now less expensive way to get down to los angeles. we compare your option next on 7 on your side. >> also west coast version of william sport. young baseball players across the nation coming to one east bay city for major championship. that flying car of the future finally arrives. just not
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ichltd still no opening date for the new bay bridge. we can now confirm it won't be labor day weekend. discovery of ago panel of experts said the bridge could possibly open to traffic while crew complete add fix for the bad bolt the cal-trans left that decision up to the federal highway administration which is expected to make up its mind in a few week but spokesman now confirms to us tonight that the a labor day opening is quote off the table. >> market for luxury homes is red hot especially in silicon
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valley. according to coldwell banker 181 luxury homes worth more than one and a half million dollars a piece sold in june. that xirs to 146 just year ago. that's 25% more. most expensive sale month in palo altoment 37 square foot home with 3 bedrooms 5 bath sold for five and three quarter million dollars. los altos most luxury sale with 43 and it is a seller market prices are up at much as 6 percent above the asking price. >> center of the bay area baseball world this week is livermore. little leaguer from all over north america where the main attraction in a parade down first street this evening. east bay city is hoping to become something of a west coast williams port. teams in the inaugural intermediatei] little league world series will begin playing bull tomorrow at max bear park. 7 news has the story. >> get used to the sound in livermore along with sight of
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earnest young teenager faces because when they say a world series has come to town they mean it. >> if arizona. michigan. >>reporter: those polices among others. there is one team from as cholesterol as pleasanton. another from as far awhich as japan. and in livermore. hoping to make this an every year event. >> get bigger over the years. >> welcome to the post williams porter a.not so muchçó little league but call enter mead yacht league. same organization. same format. but bigger game on bigger diamonds and for some of these 13-year-olds, >> this year we tray to rae deem our situation. tease robert from houston, texas and the post little league all stars. they barely missed williams portless year when they were younger. this inaugural intermediate world series in livermore gives these kids who have played together since 8 years old another shot. >> call everybody sir. >> the yes, sir.
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>> tell you that. i do myself!w circumstances it is that clean and that wholesome. no money here. no agent. in stared just good clean baseball beginning tomorrow through next monday. what do you like about this. >> everything. >> what is not like. >> nothing for pure bread boy of summer. that is 7 news. >> game championship game rather will be televised live from livermore monday at 4 open our sister network espn 2. that looks leak by the weekend weather nice and toasty for the ball mrars. spencer is here. >> great baseball weather. the vl let's lack at our weather right now which is in the exactly baseball weather. we see clouds and fog at the coast beginning to push locally across the bay and moving towards inland location. we have a little bit of a smoke issue today. we expect to dissipate by tomorrow but smoke from build fierce burning in
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south west other again west of medford has worked its way down the coast lean and has hooked right the on in to the bay area which of course reduced our air quality a bit today. there was quite a bit of smoke even visible smoke in the air but dissipating rate now. here's the camera back at coyote tower under partly cloudy skies. 61 degrees right now in san francisco. 59 across the bay oak lap. mountain have you 62. 57 in half machine bay. another live view at the golden gate brim under partly foggy conditions 55 in santa rosa, again nap a.novato, 60 at fairfield concord 60 at livermore. leif view from the east bay camera emeryville. west ward across the bay forecast feature see area of cloud and fog wide spread overnight tonight. cool to mild again much like today. but warmer pattern will settle in bit end of the week. carry us through the weekend. pool of cool air from the north
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west riding the jet stream that is of course partly responsible for this cooler than average weather we have right now. will continue to have for another day or 2 before we start to warm-up to more seasonal level. overnight tonight low temperature mainly low to mid 50's so rather uniform range of low. forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning beginning rush hour reduced visibility in many locations around the bay area so if morning commuter give yourself extra time. but the fog clouds will burn back to the keingt by late morning to midday giving way to mainly sunny skies inland. high pressure will range from upper 50's low 60's on the coast. to 60's and 70's right around the bay to low 80's in the warmest inland location now in the south bay we see pretty wide range of high from mid 70's at milpitas and santa klir to low 80's at morgan hill and los gatos. peninsula 69. mid 70's at palo alto. redwood city and mountain vawchlt upper 50's to low 60's on the coast at pacifica and a half machine bay. downtown san francisco
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high of 64 tomorrow 61 in the sun set district. up in the north bay we see mainly mid 70's santa rosa to consolidate stowing to napa east bay high 69 at oakland 74 union city. 76 at free mochbility inland east bay a little bit warmer than that with upper 70's at concord and mraen pleasanton and low 80's everywhere else. here's accu-weather 7 difficult forecast. we have 2 or 3 more disof this slightly below normal temperature range coming our way. warm-up to upper 80's inland on friday and that warmer pattern last through the weekend into early next week. >> great baseball weather. especially next monday. >> sound terrific. >> bay area pel break through up next. snake bite solution bay area researcher that could save tens of thousands of live lives. >> bottled world trade center >> bottled world trade center
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>> bay area doctor made discovery that could save tens of thousands of lives. the number of people who die from snake bite comparable to the death rate from aids but as eric reports a ground breaking experiment at uc san francisco could revolutionize snake bite treatment around the world. >> it has been two years since the california academy of sciences launch a major research expedition to the philippines. scientist were looking for new species. academy doctor matt was in charge of keeping them safe. matt was especially worried about venom snake. >> unfortunately the california academy we have had the experience prior to my arrival that at one of the scientist died from a snake bite. >> that incident was on an expedition 10 years earlier. there have been no advance in
9:23 pm
treating snake bait for decade decades. if you can't get to hospital fast, outlook can be bleak. there are estimated 5 million snake bites a year more than 100,000 deaths. >> not only global problem, probably the most neglected of neglected possible disease. >>reporter: matt made emergency snake bite kits for researchers in the philippines. but he knew they would be very difficult for someone with no medical training to use. >> what it had was needle. >>reporter: luckily nobody on the expedition was bitten. but on the which home matt started thinking he had to come up with something better. eventually came to him. idea of using a nasal spray instead of needle. >> new trick for old drug. >>reporter: when he got back to the bay area he started talking about colleague and little by little they came up with an experiment. >> we did this in our spare time no. funding. just coon of invented this as we went. >>reporter: some snake including kobe are and kill with a nawr 0toxin that paralyze the victim and stops them from breathing. drug
9:24 pm
called l has been shown to reverse paralysis but administered with an i.v. in a hospital. so would it work as a nasal spray anybody could us use. >> drug absorb in the nose quickly. >>reporter: they found a volunteer willing to be paralyze in controlled conditions. experiment was done at uc san francisco with extensive safety pre-concussion. volunteer was carefully monitored as he was given a drug that paralyzed him several to the effect of cobra bite then doctors administered the is inal spray. >> didn't need to do the measurement it was obvious. >> it worked. the results were so exciting matt gave a talk open it at medical convention. camera were flashing revealing the results. >> you are the first people ever to see. >> doctor named steve samuel in the audience and joined klab asian. they raised money for further research in india where snake bite are extreme problem. dr. samuel at indian hospital when the nasal spray was tried
9:25 pm
for the first time on a snake bite victim. matt got the news short time later. >> got e-mail that said we have done complete reversal. and so i was practically in tears. >> that patient now fully recovered. nasal spray still in the experimental stage and it won't work on every type of snake bite. but it could be the start of safe cheap easy way to save tens of thus of lives. thomas abc 7 news. >> wow! remarkable use of technology what maybe the most exclusive lunch in the country friendship really the only thing on the menu? >> also. state is 10 billion dollars in debt. how governor brown wants businesses to start paying it down. >> and the mystery of monogamy. scientist figure out 80th is we want to
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for over 60,000 california foster children,
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>> happening in florida where there have been a series of explosions at propane plant just north of orlando. witness say thousands of 30 fat high propane tank loaded on pallet exploding every minute or 2. witness also say this sounds like gunshots fireworks going off. there are reports of injuries at this point we don't know how many or how severe. evacuation under way and people living within a mile of this site are being told to leave. this is happening at the plant that makes blue rhino, one of those propane tank exchange company. many people use these in the barbecue. again it does sound lake bombs going off in the year. a lot of people watching this scene from lake door if florida. keep an eye on it for you as wechlt updates rat now on twitter at 7 news bay year.
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>> governor brown wants to fix the state financially fraught unemployment insurns president obama and want state employers to foot that bill. correspondent annette has more tonight from sacramento. >>reporter: normally up to 26 week of unemployment benefits are available. as recession worsen congress loan out money to states extending that period people can 7 a check to 99 week. >> we have something very antiquated. >>reporter: now the tabb is due and edd says the balance is now 10 billion dollars. >> what happens is we couldn't collect enough from employers to offset what was being paid out to unemployed workers e-program insolvent the governor labor secretary is meeting with business groups and employee union for input on how to solve the definite fit. one idea to raise the payroll tachblingts employers contribute about 6.2% on worker first 7000 dollar of wages that the unemployment fund. figure
9:31 pm
that hasn't changed in nearly 3 decades. brown administration won't detail the proposal but california could follow 48 other states and raise that 7000 dollar wage threshold. >> when you look at the size of the debt that means that there's going to be for all businesses large and small at least 25 dollar employee i hope crease over the next couple years at minimum. >>reporter: while the state economy isn't proving with more jobs being created, the california small business association says this is hardly the tame to raise taxes on employers. >> thing we worry about today is they will down size on the number of jobs because they have to pick up the amount of money from someplace to pay the increased taishtion aim here is to get to a point where you continue to cover the cost of regular unemployment benefits. to eliminate that deficit and interest payments being paid and come up with rainy day fun fund. >>reporter: to get rid of the
9:32 pm
deficit state leaders colonels cut benefit that in california is up to four 50 dollars a week. but that too is unpopular idea especially sense the maximum time period people can be on unemployment with extension has just been shorten to 73 week. >> this is abc 7 news. >> 35 people were hurt. 5 of them seriously after 2 trens collided head on in switzerlan switzerland. took hours to free the driver of one of the trains from the wreck annual. not clear whether he survived the crash. accident happened about 30 meals south west of the capitol burned and see in the image the 2 trains locked together and partly lifted off the track by the force of the collision. >> is rael pal stip leaders held preliminary peace talk tonight in washington, d.c. l here you can see the 2 sides before they were served dinner. beth trying to temper expectation the meeting will lead to new round of talk after 5 yeast of kipp lo mat he can stalemate. secretary of state kerry reached if reaching a
9:33 pm
daily was easy it would have happened long time ago. kerry appointed former u.s. ambassador to israel. shephard the talk. kerry says mid east peace index life mission. kerry predecessor stopped by the what it house today. hillary clinton sat did you know for private lunch with president obama. this wasn't the first time the pair have seen each other since clinton left the administration this year but get together are coastally watched since clinton is considered a leading cop tender to row place president obama. tomorrow she has breakfast scheduled with vice president gentlemen biden. >> children in san francisco will be getting more than few new notebook and pencil when they return to ask in a few week. water fountain installed at 8 schools this enter. refilling water bolts and put in state mandate requiring access for fresh water at cafeteria. then schools are already using the dispenser. >> students drink more water during the school day. get
9:34 pm
away from sugar bench. >> san francisco public utility commission is paying to install the fountain which supply water from the reservoir in yosemite national park. also giving children the stainless steel water bolts to keep them from using mass ticket ride all the way to los angeles for a dolla dollar? that story next from 7 on your side make we keep class watch on the maim fire in florida right now. where a pro pain tank company caught fear. look at 'em.
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. >> breaking news right now in florida. it is quite a scene here just north of orlando where a series of explosions of prosecute pain plant are taking place. if you lack closecly here you can see some of the small thank have caught fire.
9:38 pm
this is company blue rhino that offer the propane tank for exchange for the barbecue and we are just watching dozens of them go off here and kawp see just how high the flames are in this area. all started about an hour and a half ago. witness say it sounds like fireworks or gunshots just as each little tank explodes. it fuels this that we are seeing here. people are being told to leave. evacuation under way and we understand there are injuries as wechlt we don't yet have a firm number on. that take you to another vantage point of course a helicopter view but this fire is just intense. heat coming off this. his to be something else. again we are seeing so many of these small propane tank go up and sort of spin out of control and catch fire and just fuel this large fire that is burning here just north of orlando. 40 meals north west of the city of
9:39 pm
orlando. people are gathering along the lake in the area and watching this massive fire that is happening here in lake county, florida. tv there is another vantage point of it. from the ground where you can see the glimpse in the distance and of course flashing lights in the fore ground her as people are being told to clear this area. anyone who lives near it of course doesn't want to be near this you can 10 to follow this on twitter. we keep updating you there at 7 news bay area. >> discount bus service pop already on the east coast has now made it to the bay area. company is called mega bus for as little as 1 dollar it takes people from the bay area to sacramento, reno and los angeles. so is there a draw back? here's of mechanical with the story. >> 30's little doubt why people are attracted to mega bus. steady stream of passengers boarded for the 7 and a half hour trip toless ang. this family made the l.a. to san
9:40 pm
francisco round trip for just 33 dollars each >> because of the price. maiming consideration. i found mega bus 33 dollars going down. 36 dollars coming back. my ticket were lake 15 dollars for one way. >> fare flux ate according to the demand on every bus at least welcome back seat available for one dollar. mike waters is with mega bus. >> if it is slow booking may hold the spare down until we either get to full capacity there or booking rate speeds u up. >> mega bus gap service in the bay area in december. it didn't take long for greyhound to the respond. now offers limited one dollar fair along with faster service. >> we rolled out our express service in may of 2012. during the tame frame we have seen about 25 percent inc east in passenger have yuma. >> we compare fare with gray hound using 3 different itinerary from san francisco to los angeles. we found fare on
9:41 pm
gray hound were come prbl to mega bus if you book as also as two week in advance. it could be twice as high if you waited. we did find one, 1 dollar fare available on mega bus trip that got in at 2 in the morning l. discount bus service is popular on the east coast for years. industry has come under intense scrutiny however during recent months. safety crack down by federal regulators has led to the shut down of several other bus company open the east coas coast. >> a lat a lot of case driver and maintenance 2 primary shall with the operator suit down. >> we check with california public utility commission and were told mega bus has never received any violation in this state. mega bus service operating under a different license in illinois crashed on the interstate last year. killing 1 person and injuring 47 others. mega bus too new in california to adequately
9:42 pm
compare its safety records to greyhound. unlike greyhound mega bus does not have a bus terminal. it picks up passengers occur curb side. only says tickets on line. greyhound and mega bus have wi-fi and power outlet. one mega bus customer called the service spotty. but will continue to raid it. >> i'm not here for the wi-fi. hiram because it's cheap and affordable and convenient. >>reporter: mega bus in the bay area pick up passengers curb side. across the sfreet san francisco cal train station in san jose at the train station hear and near the west oakland bart station. this is 7 0than your side. >> never get caught in the rough again. what may the future of golf. that story is ahead on 7 news at 9:00. >> hi everybody. this is the abc morning news traffic reporter. be smart and enjoy the drive xhuingt. check out
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for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles.
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♪ what's up with all these beers needing their own fancy glass? not me mon. i am my own fancy glass. red stripe. hooray beer! . >> breaking news in florida where a number of explosions have rocked a gas plant in lake county about 40 miles from orlando and this is the blue rhino propane gas plant where few of these went off and just green to this t.there were 24 workers here present on the night shift at 11:00 o'clock florida time and 10 workers are unaccounted fovrment witness in the area report hearing what sounds lake gunfire and fireworks going off as the tank
9:47 pm
explode every few minutes. it has been glowing for app hour and 45 minutes. at this point we don't know how many injured but we can tell you at least 10 workers are unaccounted for in this area and people living within a mile of the site are being told to leave. sew vac asian are under way close to the plant. we will keep you posted on twitter at this web site. tp to follow this coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> researchers say they have figured out why people are m nothing must. they say it protects than fant from being killed by riffal male. by sticking to one female researchers say male can increase their chance of off spring to reproduce. key factor of course whether particular behavior surinvests the process of natural selection. >> let's get one last check of the forecast now with spencer. >> okay. here's lack at live doppler 7hd low clouds going near portion of the coast line. expect it to move inland
9:48 pm
officer knight push back again tomorrow. state wide tomorrow mainly sunny skies away from coastal years but patches of coastal clouds up and down the california coast. here in the bay area after presence of early morning clouds and fog we see mainly sunny skies in the afternoon. high pressure in the coast a little bit on comfortable cool side. low 60's, 70's to right around the bay and upper 70's low 80's inland. 7 day forecast, we start to get a bit of a warm-up at the end of the week within land high moving natural upper 80's. that remember washingtoner pattern will continue through the weekend and into early next week upper 80's inland upper 70's around the bay and low 60's on the coast. beautiful weekend weather ahead. >> yes it is indeed thanks spencer. >> whole idea of flying golf cart started out as joke but one club liked the idea so much they actual hi made it happen. we have one out for a round. >> the jet son vision of the future. but who would have thought the flying car would
9:49 pm
sore over a golf course? all started when master champion watson dreamed up a hovercraft golf car. meant ton a stunt. public 30's for sponsor oakley. now more than 8 million people have watched watson zipping over listened and water. people love the idea. people lick pete here it is. this is it. managing director of this golf course in spring field, high. he see the cha tons bring mr. people to his course. tracking dup the company that made this cart. >> he has tradition until top. the sand bolt and holder for the bag hyped the back pwechbling. >> it will be 1 75 dollars for 1 round of the hovercraft and pilot. naturally we asked to give it a try. i felt like i was on a carnival ride in the middle of a golf kouvrs. >> this is a nurt experience.
9:50 pm
may not be the future of golf everywhere but guarantee fun even if golf game stinks. this is abc news spring field, ohio. these fun. >> everybody would did that. >> mike now with sports. >> all right. a 10 offensive assault on anyone this comes to the consolidate seem after putting up 10 runs on the angel putting up 10 runs on the angel yesterday
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
>> if we get new information on that massive pro paper fire burning in florida right now. coming up on 7 news at 11:00. there are now reports of fatality as well as multiple injuries. this is pro pain plant that is burning north of orlando. we have the very latest as crew fight this fire. we know 24 people working the night shift tonight and 10 of them are unaccounted for. people within a mile of the plant have been told to he have
9:54 pm
been ate the area. also we have update on bart strike talk for you with another possible strike just days away. joan us for 7 news tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. right now mike is here with look at sports for us and how about the a's. >> how about. come out of the post all star break offensive slot. 10 runs yesterday angel tonight. 10 to put up big numbers against the blue jay. toronto. supposed to be play off contender. the season but starting pitch downfall. first engine tonight rodgers walk cocoa crisp to start the game. up the glove and runner open first thrd next up. base hit. in comes cocoa 1 nothing oakland. then fourth batter downtown left field line. will score and griff ep with quick 3 nothing lead. triple. a's took a 5 nothing lead in the fifth. hay heat for him and griff than no hitter. end with next batter. adam hammered
9:55 pm
opposite field solo home run griffen major league leading 2 more tonight but the a's comfortable. whip it 9-4. tv jason almost hit half of 4 36 contrary home run with the a and oldest player in major league history to hit a one off home run at from years oeld of age. solo shot over the center field wall his "newsnight"th career walk off shot. definancing world champion san francisco giant may go second visit to the white house in the the past 3 years trachlt diagnosis back to the reagan app years although i don't remember being invited after the 49ers fears superbowl in 19 82. for maybe they were and i wasn't included. here's president obama. >> congrats layings to the san francisco giants on their second world series titles in three years. [applause] they are making this a habit. the i have world
9:56 pm
series ball and bat and you should know that i can't read any of the signatures. but it's greatly mreshed -- appreciated. thank you so muc much. >> pen manship lost art can you sign a baseball. president make note of the may ins attendance and buster meeting president for first time. he was jrd when the team visited in 2011. >> college football writ around the corner and defending rose bowl champion stanford cardinal first time the able to say that in 40 years chls. repeat. coach shaw third year down on the farm with 23-4 record and 2 bcs bowl appearance. early prediction have them as top 5 team. meanwhile take over and both coach can't get to get started. >> as coaches we think the of everything and staples we don't. seems we make that decision and seems we make the right decision and kid can handle it. >> so many things to play. >> it's graduate. didn't just
9:57 pm
jump on it. it has been graduateñr. gone through a lot to get to where we are. we are still trying to push the envelope. see what we can become. >> san jose state new boss as ron takes over for mike. morgan hill native came over from the university of san diego. main goal? making this his program. >> believe me i know. i i follow big shoe before. coach harbaugh i need to be true to myself and i believe my philosophy. i'm in it for the listening hall. piggy backing only get you a short-term distance. >> 49ers deep in training cam. look for the good to guy for collin. okay with turn heel and looking better every day. tight end davis would be the x factor here. ex pan the role from tight end to slot receiver and even lining up at wide receiver. vernon do whenever
9:58 pm
it takes to get him back to the soup hole. >> good thing i get to work with those guys not only help me of wife wide receiver ption and tight end position because my feet quicker. my route running. better. >> berth had 2 stroke lead in the 72 hole at the very open championship yesterday. wasn't enough. force the play off at royal berg dale two hole yesterday before the guard nap naps. chance to wins7 all sudn death. 12th birdie putt replay the 18 hole 5 times on the fifth trial. putt for birdie. good run. got it on license but not enough feed. leaf him self a little 3 tap in part. langer the 2010 senior open champ answer with 10 foot par and slides by to the left edge and mark is the senior open
9:59 pm
champion. there you have it. >> thank you. >> bring you up to date now on on the breaking news we follow for new in wher a series of explosion at propane plant just north of orlando has just caused this massive scene of destruction. we ups from the sheriff that the explosion began inside the plant blowing the rav off and people have heard explosions every few minutes or so really up until the past 20 minutes. the explosion have still been taking place. look at live picture rate now this is leak continue florida. 24 nature workers were on the scene of this plant this evening. 10 of them unaccounted for. we hear from the city administrator in the area that there are multiple fatality. also multiple injuries. helicopter ambulances have responded to the scene. evacuation orders in effect. we'll continue to follow this for you on twitter at 7 news bay year. see you at 7 news bay year. see you over on 7 at
10:00 pm
dennis: no, dude. it's not a question of individual style. it's about having some taste. you're attacking my ability to express myself, dude. how am i attacking your ability to...? i just don't get it. what's not to get? "come to philly for the crack." it has a picture of the liberty bell on it.


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